About us

About AVL Trading
AVL Trading is a Europe-based trading company with a buying office in Hong Kong. Since 1994, we specialise in the import of household goods from the Far East and the redistribution on the European market. In addition to our import activities, we buy and trade  local stocks.

Our clients are retails chains, mailorder companies and wholesale companies in Western Europe.

Competitive pricing
AVL Trading usually buys directly from the factory without interference from local agents. We believe this is the only way to offer competitive pricing.

Quality and reliability
In order to be able to guarantee high quality and fast delivery, we have a strict policy to the Asian factories we work with. This policiy consists of extensive QC (Quality Control), safety and environmental requirements. During the production phase, we maintain continuous  contact with the supplier to ensure the right quality and delivery time.

Flexibility and speed
All our clients have a direct line with the AVL Trading office in The Netherlands. This way of communication and the continuous contact with our Hong Kong office ensures maximum flexibility and quick response times.

We offer flexible solutions for all deliveries to our clients and are able to offer  f.o.b. China, c.n.f. Europe, Letter of Credit, Payment on Delivery or Deposits.